Q. What is NSE Titans?
A. NSE Titans Basketball is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit organization who supports and promotes select girls and boys basketball. The mission of the program is to promote strong moral character, build confidence, and encourage self discipline. This will be done through intense training sessions and playing competitive basketball against great competition.

Q. Why Play for the NSE Titans?
A. The NSE Titans program provides all players the opportunity to learn the game of basketball, develop and improve their skills, and play competitive basketball against great competition. NSE Titans prepares the athletes for the next level by teaching them the fundamentals of the game and provide them the opportunity to display their skills that promote and market themselves to college coaches. Every effort is made to provide each player quality attention.

Q. What is the difference between NSE Titans and other select programs?
A. There are several differences between NSE Titans and other programs. The first difference is we do not pay our coaches. Our coaches choose to volunteer for NSE, not for money, but because they love what they do. Another difference is our coaches are not allowed to coach their own children.  Very few parents can coach their own child and will be completely objective and un-biased. NSE eliminates that by having our coaches work with teams their children do not play on. Another difference between NSE and other programs is our emphasis on the fundamentals. We don’t care how old your child is, they can still learn more about and try to perfect the basics.

Q. Why play competitive AAU Basketball?
A. Today, competitive AAU basketball is essential in developing the best basketball players. Competitive basketball offers a high level of competition that most high school programs and many college programs simply can not offer. It provides an avenue that college coaches use to see an athlete in a very competitive environment playing at the highest level possible for youths. Competitive AAU basketball is an absolute necessity for the serious student athlete looking to improve their skills and attain a college scholarship.

Q. Who determines the eligibility by age or grade?
A. NSE Titans compete in age based AAU events such as regional qualifiers, state, and national championships. Although most of the teams correspond by grade level, the age and birth dates of the players is what determines what team they play on.
(See the AAU age calculator at www.aausports.org)

Q. When are tryouts for the teams?
A. NSE Titans encourage all who want to participate in competitive basketball to come to their tryouts. NSE Titans holds two different tryouts, one for the Fall Season which is usually held in late August, and the other is held for the Spring Season which is usually held in late February. When the date for tryouts gets close the information wil be on the home page.

Q. What are the players’ expenses?
A. The fees vary for each team. For the 2014/2015 season the fee will be ~ $225/month for training plus gas, tournament, league, and travel fees. The tournament, league, and travel fees are the cost of the tournament, league, hotel rooms (if applicable) etc. The program hosts fundraising events throughout the year which can minimize the financial impact on families. Families are also provided optional fundraising opportunities year round.

Q. What is the commitment for each team?
A. Team commitment begins in September/October (depending on the player availability) each year. We recruit players continuously for our competitive teams. Each team will play on average 15-25 games a season in a number of tournaments and/or leagues or around 40-50 games a year. These tournaments are played in the state of Washington early in the season and finish the year with out of state tournaments for the competitive teams. AAU competitive basketball is for skilled and motivated players who are willing to make the commitment to improve their individual team and leadership skills. Typically all tournaments with the exception of nationals are held on weekends.The competitive season concludes at the end of July.

Q. If my child leaves the team before the season ends, what am I liable for?
A. Even if you take your child off of the team early, you are still liable for the season’s team and coach’s fees. NSE will not allow the whole team to suffer becasue one child decided to drop. You will also be resposible for the training for the month you quit in, i.e. if you quit on June 4th you will have to pay for June You ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the whole season, unless you quit in the last month, i.e. if you quit in December you don’t have to pay for January or February’s training.

Q. What are college exposure tournaments?
A. College exposure tournaments or viewing tournaments are events that are NCAA certified that permit college coaches and scouts to attend for the purpose of evaluating and recruiting potential college players. As stated earlier, the mission of North Sound Elite is to assist student-athletes in skill development and to increase their visibility with college coaches nationwide. The older teams will participate in several college exposure events during the Spring season.

Q. What type of volunteer activities can parents decide to do?
A. There are a number of ways to volunteer within our organization. These include but are not limited to becoming a coach, organizing fundraisers, chaperoning travel tournaments, or volunteering to work at one of our tournaments.

Q. How do I get more information about Nod Elite?
A. To receive more information or if you have questions about the program, feel free to contact the Administrator, Jennifer Weems, at 360-631-6444.

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