Matthew Mason

Matthew Mason is a 6th grade student at Oak Heights Elementary School in Lynnwood. He is a shy and caring 11 year old who is willing to help anyone who needs assistance. He takes the fundamental skills and drills that he learns with the NSE Titans and teaches his friends to try and make them better. He became interested in basketball in the third grade, but through hard work and persistence he quickly displayed his potential in the sport. He is also an excellent tennis player and has a love for video games.

Matthew is truly dedicated to improving and excelling in the sport of basketball. During his recess hour at school, he does 100 practice shots every day. Before he goes to bed he does 100 pre-shots in his bed. He spends most of his free time out looking for scrimmage games with friends and neighbors. He also keeps a basketball journal about his practice and training sessions.

Coach Jack said “Matt is a key component for the 6th grade boys team. He works hard, never complains, has one of the best shots on our team and loves getting in there with the trees to get rebounds. He came to us as a shy young man and is really coming into his own. It is a pleasure coaching him.”

Mama Mason said “Matthew is truly thankful to his Coach and teammates at the NSE Titans. Matthews basic basketball skills have improved immensely since joining the Titans. He is so focused and driven to improve and I am really proud of him.”

Matthew understands the importance of homework first, then basketball and maintains good grades in school. He understands that training sessions, practices and games are a responsibility when playing on a team and he looks forward to seeing his teammates at practices and scrimmages. Matthew Mason is the example of what is expected in our organization, We are extremely pleased to call this young man an NSE Titan.

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