Austin Wood

October Player of the Month

Grade: 7th Grade

School: Sultan Middle School

School Achievements: Austin is a straight “A” student and is currently enrolled in the Excel Program at his school. He maintains a busy and productive schedule. When Austin was in 5th grade, he won the Perfect Attendance award, along with many others that showed his amazing abilities.

Hobbies: Austin’s hobbies revolve mostly around basketball. He attends open gym before school almost every morning and will soon be starting Middle school basketball and of course, NSE Titans.  He loves working on computers and gaming with friends.

Other Groups Affiliated With: Austin is a member of the Sultan Boys and Girls Club, school basketball and a local basketball league. He also volunteers for the summer feeding program at the school. He helps hand out lunches and keeps track of the count for the food bank.

Parent Quote: “Austin is the light in our lives and we can’t picture life without him. He can bring a smile to our faces after the hardest of days. He is an amazing son/person/big brother and we love him so very much! From day one, we knew that he would succeed at everything he does. He strives for perfection (which at times can be very hard on him, as well as us). However, he does the very best at his work and does an amazing job. We know he will go far…CONGRATS MONSTER MAN!” – Diane Wood


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