Connor Williams

Grade:    9th Grade
School Attends:     Mukilteo SD and Shoreline SD
School Achievements / Grades:    Student of the month for 3 months, Student of the quarter.
Hobbies:   Loves ALL sports and spending time with family and friends. Video games as a part-time past time.

Other Talents / Gifts:   He was just honored by his 9th grade teacher with a commendation from another teacher at visiting school, that Connor’s behavior impressed her so much that, she conveyed, “Connor is the type of young man that every parent would want to have as a son!”

Other Sports Activities:     Lacrosse

Other groups affiliated with (ex church, girl or boy scouts, etc.):   Church, YMCA, iPledge, youth leader.

Parents quote:   My nickname for Connor is ‘Sun’, because he is the brightest star in my life. I also call him this to help him understand the level of greatness that he has as a young male becoming a man.
Coaches Quote:    Connor is one of the most talented kids I have ever coached, but what truly sets him apart is how hard he works and how humble he is.
Connor is the kind of player that leaves it all on the court, when he leaves the game he has contributed 110% of his efforts and talent to get his team to a win.  It is rare to see a player so young with so much drive and determination in a game.  We are more than proud to have this young man in our program, we are honored.
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