Emily Justus

Emily Justus – 5th Grade
Emily Justus has been with the NSE Titans Basketball program for 2 years. She is usually the smallest player on the court with the biggest heart. She takes direction well and is very coachable. Her willingness to learn and try any drill, move or play makes her the type of player that our coaching and training staff look forward to working with.

Emily attends Highland Elementary School in Lake Stevens. Her aptitude and test scores are well above her grade level in all categories. She is talented with the piano, loves art and is also a great softball player. She is a member of the Math Club, Percussion Club and the Jump Rope Club.

Coach Ron W. said “I truly enjoy coaching Emily for two reasons, 1. She is extremely competitive and a teachable athlete and 2. She is as good a person off of the court as she is a player on the court. To me the attitude of a player is everything. Emily has a great attitude that makes her a joy to coach.”

Christina and Jay (Mom and Dad) said “Emily loves the NSE Titans basketball program. She enjoys participating at a more competitive level in the sport of basketball. She works hard to keep her grades high while working hard to progress in the sport of basketball. We are so proud of her and all she does.”

Emily is a very driven young lady, but she always finds time to devote to her favorite hobbies; reading, drawing, crafts, bike and motorcycle riding and camping. This young player is busy, but all of the hard work at school and sports does not change her kind and sweet demeanor. It is truly fun to watch this little tiger on the court and kitten off of the court. We are really glad that she chooses to be a NSE Titan!

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