Kyairra Roussin

Grade- 2nd

School- Challenger Elementary
Hobbies- Crafting, Drawing, Riding her bike.
Other sports- bmx racing
NSE Titans Coach Quote:  Coach Ciara Weems said that Kyairra is one of the most dedicated and hard working players that I have ever seen. She is always the first player to practices and trainings. She is very focused. During my practices, she takes everything serious. She doesn’t cheat herself or her team. She leads the team in diligence and hard work and she doesn’t mind keeping her teammates focused as well. She is extremely competitive even though she’s the youngest player on our team.
Mom/Dad quote- Kyairra has been playing basketball since she was 4 years old. She is a hard worker, outgoing and very friendly and kind.  She wants the best for everyone.  Kyairra enjoys going to practice and training so she can develop her basketball skills (she says) so one day I can play college ball.  She works extremely hard and we are very proud of her
Kyairra Roussin is a 2nd grader not just playing on but excelling on our 4th grade team.  Her drive and determination to one day play at the college level is amazing to see in one so young.  She is the epitome of what we want at the NSE Titans.  Watch this one… She will be D1 one day!
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