Makana Stone

Grade: 11th
School: Coupeville High School
School Achievements: 3.99 GPA, Citizenship Award, Chosen as a We Day deligate 2 years in a row, Chosen as High School Sportsmanship representative (Freshman Year)Hobbies: Drawing, singing, playing with my dog, skim and paddle boarding,listening to musicOther Talents or gifts: I have been gifted with a large supportive family.

Other sports: Track (went to state both Freshman and Sophomore seasons), Soccer (Played 11 years up until this year)

Other Groups: Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club Volunteer, WAIF volunteer (Whidbey Animals Improvement Foundation), Honor Society.

Coach quote: Coach Ron Weems said , “Makana has been a joy to coach the last two years. She is one of the most athletic basketball players he has ever had the privilege of coaching. She is a leader on and off the court and it’s a true blessing to have the opportunity to coach her.”

Mom/Dad quote about player: “From the time Makana was very young, two things stood out. First, she did not want people to see her doing something unless she thought she could do it perfectly, secondly, she looked out for others.  While we are glad that she has always had high standards for herself and continues to do so, it is her selfless desire to help others that has truly stood out to us as parents.  She has always advocated for those who she feels are in need whether they be physically smaller or bigger, younger or older, it has not mattered.  She has proven on the field or court, in the classroom, the community and in our family that she is not interested in being the center of attention,  but rather is more interested in the overall well being and success of those that she is around and wants to be her best for the people that she feels need or count on her.”

Makana Stones leadership abilities on and off the court are really what makes her an asset to the NSE Titans organization.  Her friendliness and mature and caring personality make her an asset to her team.  This young lady WILL succeed in whatever she puts her mind to in life.  We look forward to seeing her shine in the future.
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