Soriah Swinton

October Player of the Month

Grade: 8th Grade

School: College Place Middle School

School Achievements: CPMS Vice President, WE day delegate, and 3.9 G.P.A.

Hobbies: She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her dog , doing craft projects, and listening to music.

Other Talents: Soriah makes friend easily and very kind to everyone and tries to include them in all school activities.

Other Sports/Activities: She plays volleyball and track along with basketball year round.

Other Groups Affiliated With: She volunteers at the YMCA preschool, summer camps, and adventure zone. She also helped out with the special Olympics this summer.

Mom/Dad Quote: “Soriah is the best daughter I could ask for. Her nick name is Rie-Rie and a blessing to everyone that knows her. She is great in always wanting to help out , whether it’s volunteering with young kids or special Olympics or at her school. She is a true leader in school and on the court. She strives to always do the right thing. She receives excellent grades and realizes your a student /athlete because without the grades you will go no where. Soriah is a very coachable kid and always tries her best. Her dream is to go to UCLA and I have no doubt whatever she aims for she will succeed.” – Lisa Swinton

Coach Jeremy Quote: “Soriah has shown consistent growth in her time with NSE, She has developed into a stand out player and a leader on her team. It has been an honor and privilege to see her progress and grow both on and off the court.”


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