Will Abrams

Will Abram – 7th Grade

Will Abram has been a part of the NSE Titans basketball program for three seasons. After playing football for three years he realized his passion is for basketball. He initially walked into a Titans training as a 5’ 10’ 6th grader. But it wasn’t his size that made our coaching staff excited about his potential as a player, it was his attitude towards trying to accomplish tasks assigned by our staff, even though most of the tasks were new to him. Will is a true sportsman and continually puts forth 100% effort as a player and a leader.

Will attends Post Middle School where he is successfully balancing school and sports. His ongoing drive for success makes the time and effort he puts into all of his activities worthwhile to him. He is also actively involved in his church with youth ministries and leadership programs, which include volunteering with church sponsored community events.

Coach Kevin said Will “Big Will” Abram is a walking testament of hard work and dedication. He shows up to the gym ready to work! No matter how hard the task is, Big Will never quits and doesn’t allow his teammates to quit. I feel blessed to not only be given the opportunity to coach Will, but to just be part of this young man’s life.

William and Dana (Mom and Dad) said “Coach Kevin has played a huge role in Will’s development, Will is so thankful for that support. I have watched Will grow in his Basketball IQ and skill level and am so proud of his success in basketball and life.”

Will is a team player who works hard to not let his team down. It’s refreshing to see that a young individual can offer so much more to his teammates and coach than just his physical size. He is as big of heart with kindness and compassion as he is big on the outside. Will continues to get better and better and his work on the court, at school and at church makes him a true asset to the NSE Titans organization.

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