Jeremy Barrie

Director of Operations, Trainer, and Head Coach

Jeremy Barrie had over 15 years of coaching experience before joining NSE. He started out coaching at Medowbrook community center in 1995. He then started coaching at various community centers in the Seattle Area.  He has coached both boys and girls teams from the age of 10 to high school.  After he moved to Shoreline he coached Shorecrest feeder for 3 years and ran a few camps for several teams in the Bitter Lake and Shoreline area. Jeremy coaches at NSE because he knows that teaching the fundamentals, which is the backbone of the NSE’s training program, is very important when it comes to furthering a child’s basketball career.

Jeremy owns two auto repair facilities in north Seattle and has a wife and two children, a boy and a girl. In his free time he enjoys attending coach training camps, watching his daughter play volleyball, and watching his son do cross country and track.

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