Ron T. Weems Jr.

Director, Trainer, and Coach

Ron T. Weems Jr. is a native of Washington D.C. As a child he played several sports but focused on football. After high school he joined the Marine Corps and became an air traffic controller. After he got out of the Marine Corps he took a job at Naval Station Sigonella, Sicily as the Sports Coordinator. He was in charge of the gym and all of the adult sports on the base. He was also the base basketball coach for the men and women teams.

When he moved back to the states he immediately began helping out and then coaching youth basketball. He started out assisting a parent-coached team called the Hotshots, after a couple of seasons he moved on to head coach at an AAU organization. After a few months of coaching at the other AAU organization he noticed a lot of flaws and saw things, system-wise that he thought weren’t fair. That summer Ron and his son Ryan sat down together and created the concept; CODES, ETHICS, LESSONS, the base, that NSE came from. That very first season he had, 17 kids, two teams, and only two coaches that doubled as the trainers. It has been seven years since NSE was started and this past Spring he had over 100 kids, 13 teams, and 9 coaches and trainers.

Ron is a husband and father of 3, two daughters in college, and a son that is serving in the Navy. Besides coaching and training he is a Real Estate Broker that works at Keller Williams Realty and runs the Weems Real Estate Group. On his off days he enjoys watching sports and golfing.

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