NSE did me so well 5 years ago when I played! I received interest from countless colleges and universities but decided to focus on my studies. The work ethic NSE helped developed in me has served me well throughout college and I am now a senior pre-med student and recently spent a summer studying at Yale University. NSE strengthened my work ethic and provided me so many great opportunities. Thanks Ron for all you do!

Jeff Miles

This fall will be our daughters third year with NSE. Jeremy Barrie has been her coach for most of this time, he is amazing!!! He is a very knowledgeable, patient, hardworking committed coach. We were coming from a feeder team where one of the parents was coaching, it was a disappointing and frustrating experience. My daughter loved basketball but she was ready to quit until I stumbled across NSE and decided to try it out. I am so glad we did! We actually commute from Camano Island to Lake Stevens several times a week for practice and training. Believe me we would not drive this far unless it was worth it!! North Sounds coaches and their training have made a night and day difference in our daughters game play. We are so thankful for NSE and especially Coach Jeremy, he is the best coach any of our kids have ever had!! He is ethical and fair and just an all around great person! I hope he coaches our daughter all the way into college!!!!!! I would recommend the NSE Titans to anyone who wants to improve their child’s skills, individually or their team play. We could not be happier!!!

Kim Santeford

I loved playing with Coach Mike. He was the best coach I have ever had. NSE is an amazing basketball program and Ron is an amazing person. I would also like to thank Kevin for being the best trainer in the world.

Robert Degrat

My son has played on the NSE Titans 2015 AAU Team coached by Coach Green for three seasons. This team he put together was a talented group, but most importantly ‘good character’ kids who enjoyed each other as it was like a family. For three seasons this team was very competitive and were succesfuk wt winnig many tournanamenets. Coach Green tgook the team to many local and travel tournaments such as the Best of the West, Showcase tournaments in Washington and Oregon, and the West Coach Championships in Las Vegas.

Coach Green has the ability to get players to play very well together as a team in his ‘up tempo’ style of basketball which resullted in his team’s success. His philospshy for the kids was to always see the ‘big picture’ with each player in mind, when others only seemed to focus on the short term results. He doesn’t see a team as just putting together a group of kids s that have the most talent.He made it obvious that he understands that each player brings a different skillset and when combined together makes a well-balanced and successful team. He was also able to get the most of each player, developing them as each season went by. It was enjoyable to watch their progression every season.

Coach Green was always fair and was very respected by his players. It was obvious he develeoped a great relationship with his players as they had a lot of fun playing for him. My son will always remember these past three seasons playing for him. I give Coach Green my highest recommendation.

Devin Saylor

Our son has had the pleasure of playing for Coach Max during the past 3 years. He has been a very positive influence as well as a great coach. One of the best qualities we admire about Max is his ability to coach and also maintain the respect of his players. HJe takes the time to explain to the players what they should have done in certain situations, both during and after the game, without demeaning or degrading them.

We have experienced other coaching style and unfortunately most of them have not been as positive. On multiple occastions with other coached, our son has come home from games saying he couldn’t stand the coach or that he was done playing basketball. Most of these situations were due to the coach making harsh or demeaning comments to the players/ Max can be firm when he needs to be, yet our son has never once had a negavtive thing to say about him. Max earns the respect of his players because he both shows and teached them respect. Playing for Coach Max’s team has definitely been the one both us and our son have most looked forward to during the past 3 years.

George and Erika Blaine

I would really like to thank you and your staff for everything you are doing for Allie. She really enjoys learning everything your training has to offer. We are very pleased with the way things are going.
Thank again,

Troy Moore

Ron is an excellent coach with a great demeanor, and is a man of high integrity. The layers have a lot of respect for Ron, and respond well to his work ethic and positive attitude. We enjoy Ron’s company and would highly recommend him as a coach and a friend.

Trina V.

Thank you!  My daughter has been in the AAU basketball programs for the past three years. As a family we decided this year to find a program that really looked at her individual skills and then would guide these skills to further her individual play on the team. We found the program! It is the NSE Titans. This basketball program is about an individual putting in their best effort to further his or her own play and then how it relates to team play. As a family we are so impressed with the skill development, training and team sessions that our daughter experiences weekly. More importantly, we love the personal interest all the coaches exhibit in each our child’s personal growth. This is a no nonsense–work hard–get great rewards program. We love it!

Sadrina D.

Between my high school age son and daughter. I have a lot of experience watching them being coached by a decent sized sampling of coaches. I’ve coached both of them in the past, which has gvien me the oppurtunity to closely witness many opposing coaches and observe their technique and demeanor, when it come to comes to coaching basketball and handling players. Coach Max is the best coach that I know of.

From how he picks his team to how he trains the players, to how he handles refs to how he makes in game adjustments, he is the best. Watching him work with less skilled players who have come from other teams where they were constantly told what they are capable of (i.e. don’t take a that shot, don’t dribble the ball, do your role and nothing more), to what Max is able to push them to become is beautiful to see. He wants his players to be well rounded. Posts are taught to handle the ball, shoot midrange, and then stretch to the perimeter. I watched posts who were constantly told by other coaches to live under the basket, don’t dribble, and don’t shoot jumpers, go to Max and become complete basketball players. Then go back to their school team and the coaches are amazed at the transformation. My son is a guard and a pretty good shooter. On my team he had a green light to cut his shot loose. When he first went to Max’s team he quit shooting. Wanted to fit in with the team. Max finally told him that if he didn’t start cutting his shot loose he wouldn’t play. Every player of quality character, loves playing for Max more than any other coach. They go from highly regimented school programs where free thinking is discouraged, to Max who requires the players to intellectually and physically learn the game. Players leave his program with a higher basketball I.Q. and physically learn the game. He also has a knack for pushing and cajoling a player to reach levels of play that they wouldn’t have reached otherwise, without belittling or demeaning them.

Travis Glick

Our son had been in his previous program for four years and hadn’t shown much progress, however, upon his joining the NSE Titan program he showed a great deal of improvement in his skills within the first three months. I would heartily encourage any parents looking for a program to build their childs individual skills, teamwork, and confidence to join the NSE Titans!

Ed K.

I have been involved in youth basketball for a number of years, and have had the opportunity to learn about various organizations in the Puget Sound area. If you are a parent, seriously considering a basketball program for your child, you should take a serious look at the NSE Titans. I don’t believe there is a better program operating in the Pacific Northwest. NSE is about their players, not their bottom line. Their training and coaching is excellent, and a very important  distinction, NSE plays the best competition they can find. You will not find yourself playing easy teams in a third rate tournament, absolutely the best program out there.


NSE has been great for my son. The league has built my sons confidence to a level that I haven’t seen in him for a very long time. The coaches are always willing to work with the boys to help them improve. It is great to find a league where the coaches are there truly to make their players better and get them ready to compete at the next level. Ron and Big Mike love this game and it shows in their coaching.  I would recommend NSE to any player or parent that is looking for a competitive program designed to improve fundamentals and teach the importance of teamwork to win games.

Scott W.

We had a big decision to make being that we live in Mill Creek and there are other AAU select basketball programs in our area. We decided to have our two boys play for the NSE Titans. First let me mention the training that the kids do. This is where they have the opportunity to challenge themselves as a player and gain strength, agility, and skill to improve as a player. During team practices the coaches are encouraging, engaging and respectful to both kids and parents. NSE takes the game of basketball seriously, but also knows the kids should have fun!
Thank You NSE~

The Goodwin Family

Our son is extremely happy playing for NSE.  He previously played on a select team where the coaching was so negative that he became discouraged and no longer wanted to play.  After that, he did return but to a team where the competition and skill level was just too low.  NSE was a solution to both of those problems.  The weekly practices and workouts are well organized and instructional.  Our son leaves exhausted but satisfied that he’s receiving the help he needs to improve.  The coaches are positive and supportive yet don’t sweep flaws under the rug.  Players receive constructive criticism on how to improve and the necessary assistance. His teammates are talented players, and our son has improved by playing with them.  The tournaments are against high level competition and playing time has been more than fair for all involved.  Joining the NSE Titans has been a positive experience for our entire family.

Frank and Tess N.

I went from probably being a 2B basketball player starting my freshman year to now being a college basketball player and potential D1 or D2 in the coming years because of all the great training and teaching of Ron Weems and the rest of the NSE staff.

Tyler B.

Every single thing that I know about basketball, from how to drink water at half time so you wouldn’t get a sideache all the way to how to work hard each day was all taught to me by you. You taught me the fundamentals, how to play smart, and how to train myself to be better, but you taught me so much more than that. The life lessons I learned from you will carry on with me to the rest of my life. You taught me disciplne, confidence, and how to take pride in working hard. I can’t thank you enough for all the things that you have done for me these past two years. All the trainings and practices, all the times you never once doubted us as a team and most of all the way you always cared about every single one of your players is more than any player could ever ask for. Your positive attitude and love for basketball pushed me to do my best and work hard everytime I stepped on the court. You taught me what it really means to work hard. At first, it was just something we said in huddle, but now I realize how much more it is. Just because I was having a bad day, I knew that as long as I was working hard and hustling, I could improve and still get something out of practice. Thank you for two amazing seasons, I look forward to getting back to training again.

Emily A.

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