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If you are on a NSE team or if have already paid for your training session in a different way please skip the rest of this page and go straight to the Session Registration Form. If your child is on a team your training money has either been collected by one of our administrators or was automatically taken out of your account via your credit card.

This program is designed to allow the training staff to work with athletes to help them develop an understanding of the physical work and the mental preparation that must take place to become a competitive player. At this age, the actual basketball skill level of all the players is very comparable. Therefore, it is important that we look at other aspects in the game of basketball where we can gain a significant advantage. These areas include:

  • Intelligence: Understanding how to incorporate certain drills into actual gameplay.
  • Personality: Able to follow specific training programs selected for each individual.
  • Pride: Posses both personal and team pride; willing to give 100% at all times.
  • Mental Toughness: Learning to do the best quietly and methodically without regard to tiny problems and/or adverse situations
  • Aggressiveness: Play at full speed and accept contact – basketball is a contact sport!
  • Confidence: Know that you can meet any challenge given; be prepared.
  • Physical Toughness: Determined to get faster and stronger through footwork, jump rope, and conditioning.

The program is based on the premise that all individuals are capable of any improvement through hard work, extensive training, motivation, and positive reinforcement. In order for us, as a unit, to accomplish our goals we must work together at providing a positive attitude and environment for the children. Please check the calendar for training dates and locations.


Basketball is a skill-focused game. One simply must master the fundamentals. We guarantee the skills learned here, if practiced and developed, will drastically elevate your game. You will work very hard. We are very serious about what we teach. We have found that fundamentals or “building blocks” are absolutely essential for elevated play in today’s fast pace games. More importantly we have learned how to teach these skills. There is no substitute for focus and repetition. If you are willing to focus and work hard, NSE training is for you!

Sign-Up for Training

The NSE Titans use USA E-Pay to process all of it’s online payments. Before paying online please read our Payment and Registration Page. Trainees that are not on a team will have to pay online by selecting the applicable training below. If you are on a team and decide to pay online, please remember to include your discount.

After you have paid for training, please fill out the Training Registration form.

Punch Card

Once you have paid for your training sessions, you will receive a punch card from our secretary. Please bring the punch card to ALL training sessions you attend, or else your child may not be able to participate in that training session.

Training Cost

Training Amount Description

Individual training with the trainer of your choice.

Note: Cost is $75/hour. Please update the Quantity for how many hours you would like to purchase.


Price: $75.00

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Normally for those who want to attend one session just to try it out.


Price: $30.00

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This pays for 4 training sessions, can be used at anytime.


Price: $100.00

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The best deal, you’ll receive 8 sessions, can be used anytime.


Price: $175.00

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